HO Building Components

If you enjoy kitbashing, you'll love our separate building components! Our building components give you the option of purchasing only the parts you need to add onto or kitbash our 103 Smallman Street Warehouse into larger more complex structures.

See how I kitbashed the Smallman Street Warehouse. Follow the step-by-step instrustions that were written up in Railroad Model Craftsman in August 2007.

Kitbashed Smallman Street Warehouse

NOTE: Windows (207) must be purchased separately for upper wall sections 203 & 206.

Click Here for Smallman Street Warehouse Template

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Building Wall Kit 201 Smallman Street Long Walls w/Doors (2) $5.00
Smallman Building Wall Kit 202 Smallman Street Long Walls wo/Doors (2) $5.00
Smallman Building Wall Kit 203 Smallman Street Long Upper Wall (2) $5.00
Smallman Building Wall Kit 204 Smallman Street Short Walls w/Doors (2) $5.00
Smallman Building Wall Kit 205 Smallman Street Short Walls wo/Doors (2) $5.00
Smallman Building Wall Kit 206 Smallman Street Upper Walls (2) $5.00
Smallman Building Windows Kit 207 Smallman Street (10) Windows & (2) Roof Vents $5.00
Two Story Add On for Smallman St Warehouse Kit 104 Smallman Street Two Story Add On $16.98
HO Rooftop Detail Set Kit 208 Roof Detail Set $14.00 - NEW
Retaining Walls Kit 601 Modular Concrete Retaining Walls (2) $9.98
Corner Braces Kit 209 Building Squares $6.98
Kit XXX Window Awnings 5 Different Sizes of Window Awnings