The Penn Avenue Tile Front Building

The Penn Ave Tile Front Building
Kit 102 Penn Avenue Tile-Front Building
5 1/4" L x 3 1/2" W x 9" H

Many cities have buildings that feature facades composed of individual terra cotta blocks or tiles. These tiles were cast and fired in a variety of shapes and colors. Not only did terra cotta add color and elaborate detail to a building, but the structure really stood out among dark masonry buildings! Now you can add a unique style of architecture to your layout and brighten up your city at the same time! Like our other kits, this one features a highly detailed one piece front for easy assembly (plus the side and rear walls, of course). A new printed interior is also included on the kit package.

Don't forget our Window Dressings and signs (set 501-14) are the perfect finishing touch to this kit!