Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are City Classics kits made from?
Our kits are injection molded stryene like most typical model kits.
Are City Classics kits difficult to build?
While they are not difficult, they are model kits and some prior modeling experience is helpful.
Do I need any special tools?
It helps if you have some basic modeling tools on hand such as a modeler's knife, a small file, ruler, scissors, etc. Some more advanced tools such as sprue nippers or cutting pliers, an assortment of files, small drills, tweezers and other small tools and other small tools may prove to be helpful with certain kits.
What type of glue do you recommend?
Almost any type of glue designed for plastic will work. We recommend using a liquid plastic cement rather than the thick tube type of glue. Liquid plastic cement is sold under different brand names. Commonly seen brands are Testors, Ambroid, Plastruct, Tenax-7R and Faller.
Do I have to do any painting?
Most of our kits are molded in one or two colors. You don't have to paint them, but painting your model will really make a big difference and make your model different from everyone else's.
What type of paint do you suggest?
Any paint that is made for plastic models should work well. There are a number of brands of spray paint made for plastic as well as bottled paints. You may want to brush paint some of the detail in addition to spray painting larger walls. While you can find a variety of spray paints sold in discount stores or home centers, we can't always guarantee that they won't affect the plastic in your model. Some of them are lacquer based and could attack the surface of your model.