Company Overview

City Classics is a small family run business. Most of our products are made in or near our hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In fact, all of our products are made in the USA.

Our first two City Classics kits came out in early1989. As a model railroader with a fondness for urban structures, I felt the selection of existing structure kits was rather small, so I decided to take a huge risk and go into the model railroad business.

Thankfully, the first two kits were well received by modelers, so we began adding to the line as quickly as time and finances would allow. Since then, our line has continued to grow as we've added additional buildings, Window Dressings, Rooftop Signs, color sign sets and a variety of other items.

A great deal of time and research has been put into every kit to make every model as authentic looking as possible. Many of our structures are molded from hand made patterns that capture the look and feel of actual buildings. We carefully package and inspect every part before sending anything out to our customers. We take pride in our products and want them to be of the highest quality possible while still being affordable to modelers. That means City Classics kits give you the best of both worlds - great looking buildings at reasonable prices!

We want to thank all of our many customers for your support over the last twenty five years. Every purchase, large or small, makes it possible for us to continue in business and to produce City Classics kits for your enjoyment into the future.

Jim & Cyndi Sacco


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